Destroyer of Armies
Whirling Empire Blade
Flaming Hell Slash
Flaming Hell Slash
Gleam of Heaven and Earth
Inferno Slash
Purgatory Slash
Hundred Demons Blade
(hold) Essence
Asura Slash
(hold) Essence Max
Flaming Inferno
Flaming Whirlwind
Earth Slide
While running
Thunderclap Kick
While running
Reigning Spiral
While blocking
Gleaming Blade
Corpse Crusher
Next to a downed enemy
Fool Crusher
While jumping
Guillotine Throw (throw)
While jumping towads an enemy
Thunderous Blade

While on a wall

Raging Thunderous Blade
During a Flying Bird Flip
Aqua Thrust
While floating on the surface
Water Formation Kick
While underwater or
Reverse Wind
L1 +
Wind Path
While jumping near an enemy
Wind Run
Flying Bird Flip
While on wall