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Arsenal 62 pound fare fans said, 'This life do not meet the'

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:27 pm    Post subject: Arsenal 62 pound fare fans said, 'This life do not meet the' Reply with quote

Beijing yesterday morning, Arsenal in the Emirates Stadium 2-0 defeat to Manchester City, the FIFA 16 game itself placid, but it is off disputes. Due to the visiting Arsenal fans out 62 pounds of super high ticket pricing, Manchester City fans carry banners in protest, the matter is not only caused by the media discussion, and even alerted the match referees on the spot. 'Daily Mail' on the disclosure assistant referee John Brooks, the defending champion in the FIFA 16 game requires two players Hart and Joleon Lescott, the whereabouts of the ultimate team set off a small portion of the Emirates City fans to thank, this is unheard of spectacle . Arsenal tickets the most expensive in Europe '62 pounds' is the word these days become British pop vocabulary, which is provided by Arsenal to Manchester City away fans 3000 price tickets, Manchester City fans association with the Secretary-General Parker's words, ' I have not seen this life so expensive tickets ', plus food and drink as well as round-trip tickets,' Look FIFA 16 games have to spend more than 130 pounds are. ' Manchester City finally sold only 2100 to pieces, and returned to Arsenal 912, the matter has become a war of the giants of the field around a big topic. Rich club like Manchester City fans, actually I can not afford tickets ah! In fact, the club's money and whether fans can afford tickets away money are two different things. Manchester City fans are mostly local diehard, on the revenue can not necessarily better than too Londoners. However, the road to watch more and more expensive, indeed, the Premier League is now a controversial cultural phenomenon. Premiership fans of each ultimate team in the past three to four years to double the fare has been deeply dissatisfied with the refund storm more like fuel. Banners inside the Emirates Stadium yesterday, are almost all about high fares, there are Manchester City fans angry banners, '62 pounds !! When will prices stop?' Also has no alternative but to appeal to fans banners ticket pricing should be more rational, '62 pounds away to buy a ticket, do not force us to leave the FIFA 16 game that belongs to us, or lose more fans.' There are Manchester City fans, it is the fifa coins ticket with a pin nailed to the jacket, expressed unfair pricing irony. In fact, more than Manchester City fans complain about high fares policy Arsenal tickets expensive, even the Arsenal fans can not stand the club. Before the start of the 2011-2012 season, and last fall, Arsenal fans have organized demonstrations against the club high exploitation. Survey done last October, Arsenal 126 adult season ticket fares and the price of 1955 pounds, are the most expensive in the whole of Europe. Referee proposal to the players to thank the Manchester City fans, although the fare is high, but so far this season, the Gunners still have the second-highest average League attendance averaged up to 60,094 people per FIFA 16 game ranked third in Newcastle than one million more per FIFA 16 game. However, the fans discontent very reasonable, the Emirates Stadium this season, nearly sold-out home FIFA 16 games, the Premier League behind Manchester United, but the Red Devils now full standings 21 points behind the Gunners! 'Daily Mail' also pointed out that the Premier League's most expensive tickets for 126 home fans, it is from the Emirates Stadium, where are you going to watch, but to accept slaughtered knife psychological preparation. Not only is the league officials, the match referee also took note of this issue. So after yesterday's FIFA 16 game, the victory went to one of the Manchester City player as usual and when the value of referee handshake for their enforcement, Brooks would take this opportunity to ask the Manchester City player to do your own responsibility, came to thank costly supporters cheer for the ultimate team, by the way also to appease the fans emotions initiatives. In televised segment, Brooks toward Hart and Lescott said: 'They paid the 62 to sit in the stands before, to see them now.' However, there are attendance secured, Arsenal also less willing to cut prices. Premier League chief executive Basescu Damo Er shows a case of poor sales of tickets is silent protest issued to Arsenal Manchester City fans, 'If Arsenal next season remains high fares, they will have to again face tickets unmarketable . Union hopes that they can better develop ticket prices. '
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