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Ninja Gaiden 3 Livestream! new mission and multiplayer!
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Ninja Dog
Ninja Dog

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

mohsin117 wrote:
O I loved it, this is just what I needed some fresh content,
And ahh… Ayane and they acknowledged Hayate, O YES HAYATE (dude im flipping out here) and Ranjin- Maru to make it the equivalent of the dragon sword grate move,

TN a couple of months ago twitted abut Ranjin mentioning it was the name of Hayate’s sword, and I knew they were leading to something, and im going to go back now and find that post I mead in which I pointed out that Hayate’s sword form DOA5 and the sword that Ryu got in NG3 sand stage looked the same Razz

Loved Ayane, the scenes between Ryu and Ayane are always very good you get a real sense of their relationship, it does look like they’re going to make her more Asian looking, it something I think their trying to push for DOA5 and its present in her shots form Orochi 2,
I don’t know if it’s because they’re in the Middle East and that’s why she was all covered up but still looked brilliant im really happy with it, now all we need is to see Hayate, Kasumi and Momiji

It’s a bit odd that they travelled from England to Arabia in that time Ryu couldn’t pick up a sword, could he have not kept RotM’s sword?
Mizuki is going to be the thing that kills NG3, they stuck her with Ryu right from the beginning and I fear she’s going to be worse than Sonia,

I still have the same issues as iv always had with NG3, lack of blood, lack of dismemberment, lack of weapons ect but what iv seen today has been very good

They seem to have change the health bar again, now it also grows and shortens, im pretty sure there’s only going to be one ninpo, in which case no ninpo Icon isn’t really an issue

Im really fearing the loss of Fiends

And I am convinced that the Regent of the Mask is Victor Donavon, seriously listen to what Mizuki says, “it’s got to be someone with a lot of money” and they guy has advanced weaponry at his disposal and a want to take over the world, its Victor Donavon!

WOW i appreciate your post.. so like it ^_^
you know i agree it..
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