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Life isn't a game: Solve the mystery!

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Dragon Ninja
Dragon Ninja

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 4:29 pm    Post subject: Life isn't a game: Solve the mystery! Reply with quote

I hope this thread will spawn many like it!
Basically I will write a mystery and I want you to solve it.

If you make another thread like this you cannot copy off anyone else's mysterys and if you I want you know that you suck, and fail.


Yes, there are rules.

I willpost a portion of the mystery and I will give you all the chance to think who did it. By the way it's a "Murder" mystery.
Once I think you all have thought enough I will copy and paste the story and bold certain clues.

Disclaimer: If anyone of my character is hilariously related to anyone living or dead it is simply a crude, crude joke. >.> But since I know none of your names the joke won't stand here.<.<

You ready?

Let us begin.

Life isn't a game.

One day on very short notice my friend Misty invited me to a party. She had invited a ton of people to the bash... And like all of her idiot friends, they were dumbasses too. They invited there people too, only adding to the lenth and destruction of her home. By the time it was all over we were all dead-drunk! I stared around the room taking in the great smell of incredible weed and that manly stench of a house after you've had a huge party.

It was a great feeling seeing all of my comrads smiling where they fell. It was like I thought to soon or somthing, ecause my friend Ryan told us the one thing that would forever creep us out.

Everyone looked at him with a very curious look on their face, what?! Ryan got up from the floor and then said wide eyed that his cousin owned a big ass mansion on an island.
I then glaced at every glassy eyed friend I had. Those include, Dante the soft guy in our group.
Misty, the shy and cute girl who really is a bad girl deep down.
Sonyah, my best bud since as long as I can remember, and me of course! The name is Leon by the way!

(The part of the story I would like to skip to save time!)
(It only includes how they got to the boat)
(No cares how they got to the boat,right?)
Now that the guy telling you my story has edited out the bull**** we can continue.

The boat that we were on was pretty big. It had all of the cool little editions you'd find on any boat owned by someone he had money growing from their ass. Durring most of the ride I stared over the side of the boat taking in the blue emptyness of the sea. My amazing day dreaming combo was broken by one of our unwanted guests calling me over. This unwanted guest happened to be the ex husband of the owner of the mansion. I sat down next to him and asked why he had called me over, and he handed me a mirror!

Why'd you give me a mirror? He looked up as if puzzled by my question. I asked again but he cut me off. So that I can fix my hair you idiot!
Idiot?! Did this man just call me an idiot?!
No, I thought to myself. I'm a calm and rational dude and I don't want him to break that habit.
As I tuned back into the real world he had started a to talk about his carreer as a pro baseball player. He said that he hit so hard that in his entire time playing his team he never lost because the ball always flew too far off!

He went on like this for some time before he began to fiddle with is blonde hair and laugh. An anime face spread over mine cueing my exit before my eyes grew ten sizes.

About fifteen minutes had passed and we arrived on the wonderful island with the huge mansion in the distance. When we got close enough I saw what I thought was the Owner, and guess what?! I was right! Once the unneccsary distance from home to water was covered we met up with the the owner.

She took a second to look at all of us then said, nice to meet you all with the perfect face of a young woman. Dante bounced forward and announced his name to the owner.

My name is Dante and yours would be? Angel, my name is Angel.
That is a marvelous name, Angel! Please excuse the rudeness of my friends, they don't know any better. I really though he wouldn't do it seeing as it's been some time since him doing it last, but he did. Dante threw a rose at Angel who caught it just as a man came up behind her. She introduced the man as her butler.

His name is steve and he's been my butler for sometime.
Nice to meet you, Steve responded with the classic calmness you'd expect from a person that has this kinda job.
With a warm smile Angel told us to come in. The mansion was done very odd, rather then there being a door with stairs in front of them, there were stairs, then a huge main hall then stair directly across that linked all the way around to each stair way. The main hall smelled of a mixture of various fruits, it was pretty nice.

Do you like it? Asked Angel eagerly. Yeah, it's great I responded to ruin the plans of Dante. Angel turned around and proudly said, this is the first time I've had anyone your age here so you can go in the game room to relax... Wait, no you can't I have change the light bulb.
I looked over at her and asked, can't you let Steve do that?
No, I insist I not make him do everything. I don't wanna become one of those old people that can't do anything.^^

I was satisfied with that answer and decided to leave it at that. In the mean time you can crash in the living room if you like, Angel said with a smile that could melt diamond.
Sonyah looked at me evil and told me to pull my gaw up, then she followed Steve to the Living room. The unwanted guest as I call him remained calm for what ever reason durring our conversation. I don't know what I expected to see when I came into the room but what I found was nothing short of breath taking... To sum it up the room pwned my entire house. Enough said.

Time passed like a block of cement. I eventually entertained the idea of going out and ****ing around with the huge land around the mansion. Of course, everyone agreed. It was better then what we were doing now. Me and Sonyah decided to play volley ball while Dante and Misty went to pick the strange flowers that grew on the far side of the left wing.

Before we all broke off I asked if our unwanted guest if he would play with us. He said no of course but before he left to play I asked his name. He looked back and said, I'm going to practice my swing. I hadn't notice he had a bag of balls and a bat in his hands. He turned around with his true ahole smile and said the names Nathon.
Yeah, I mumbled reluctantly.
Sonyah shouted loudly, get over here!

I'm coming he-she.

We screwed around outside up until it began to lightning really, really, seriouly hard. We all ran back to the house to find Steve waiting at the door. Come in, come in he yelled reaching for us. He paused for a second and looked at the hoodie I was wearing. It said "proud member of!" He looked at me oddly for a second then
directed us to the dining room. I've prepared a meal for you all and I hope you enjoy it? Trust me, we will.

I was starving! Seriously, I hadn't ate anything all day. Even through my hunger pains I couldn't help but notice that Angel wasn't there. I went ahead and asked him where she was.
He looked up with an unsure look and said, I believe she may be in her room playing on one those Video game contraptions. In this case it's best not to disturb her.
Hearing that I dropped it.

I gotta say the meal was nothing short of amazing but the great feeling of manly fullness was destroyed by the lights dieing on us. Everyone cried out something along the lines of are you serious? Naturally, Steve busted out the candles turning the once magestic halls into level straight out of one of my favorite devil hunting games. I thought time passed slow the first time... Right. My eyes seemed to burn holes in the flat screen that taughted us all by being there.
Misty was always the soft bird in our team, so you could really see the atmosphere getting to her till the point where she asked Steve when the lights will come back on.

He looked up from his folded hands and answered, maybe in a couple of hours? Dante asked, are you serious?
Yes, said Steve blankly. Steve the got up and went over to a small room and came back with flash lights that he gave to each of us.
I brought up the point that maybe we should check on Angel in her room? Yes, thats a great idea everyone agreed. We all got up, and we were about to go when Nathon said he'd look for her in her room. Before he left he asked the location. Steve then insisted that he go with him and Nathon agreed.

I would say about five minutes passed before Steve and Nathon returned to tell us Angel... Wasn't in her room. This spawned an epic search that lasted and hour and thirty minutes... Until we heard a scream...
We all ran down to the origin of the scream. It was coming from the basement. We burst open a door to a pitch black room that had a faint glow form a flash light to the left. It was Misty holding the light over something and she was crying. We ran through the darkness to her to find her standing over the body of Angel. She was dead...

Steve ran to her and picked her up from the ground as her neck fell back at a gruesome 90degree angle. We all froze... There was nothing to say. Sonyah broke the dead silence by running over to the body and claiming she had seen this on a show once and judging by the angle neck is broken at that a strong, very strong hit from something in front of her knocked her head back with enough force to break her neck. No said anything... We decided to leave body for now.

End of chapter one.

Make yout theories on who did it!

And excuse the bad grammer.>_<
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Expert Ninja
Expert Ninja

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Dragon Ninja
Dragon Ninja

Joined: 09 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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The Great Ragnarok
Lesser Ninja
Lesser Ninja

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow you must have so much freetime. I want some Cry Baby
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Dragon Ninja
Dragon Ninja

Joined: 09 Jan 2008
Posts: 2279
Location: ~The promissed land~
Gamertag: Bringerofchaos8 PSN: BringerOfChaos88
NGB - Master (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

No. I just wanted to right a mystery.
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