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perfect thrilling moment

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:43 pm    Post subject: perfect thrilling moment Reply with quote

Once dry erase boards have been installed in your classroom , you’ll find that they offer a lot of different advantages to your class. Your students will enjoy the ease of viewing information on a white background. You will enjoy the convenience of displaying many different types of visuals with the use of a project and without needing to provide storage for large posters, maps, graphs, and screens. These boards are easy to erase, so you can transition from one subject to another very easily. Click here for more information about obtaining these tools for your classroom (or office space). Continue reading for simple steps in maintaining and caring for your board.

Use It Appropriately

The best way to keep a clean white board is to use it appropriately. This means that you and your students will only use the appropriate markers for the board. Avoid exposing your board to permanent markers, highlighters, and other writing instruments not intended for the dry erase surface. When it is time to erase the board, use only the erasers intended specifically for the whiteboard. Anything that is too abrasive can damage the surface, leaving permanent scars on the board.

Wipe It Down Regularly

It is also important to clean the board regularly. If you leave marks on the board for longer than 24 hours, you may experience a phenomenon known as ghosting. This refers to very light shadows of marks that remain even after you try to wipe them away. At the end of the day, simply wiping the board clean can prevent a lot of problems. If you do subject the board to ghosting, you can take certain steps to clean the whiteboard that are outlined below.

Don’t Use Adhesives on the Board

You might find it tempting to apply posters or papers to your board with tape, sticky tack, or even glue. This option can be convenient for you, but it is bad news for your board. The residue left behind can damage the surface of the board and your attempts to remove that residue can lead to further damage. If you opt to ignore the sticky, rough surface left behind, you may have to deal with it for several years.

Clean Away Stubborn Marks

When using the appropriate markers for your board, you’ll have access to an ink that dries instantly and is easy to erase. If it is left on the board for too long, the marks may not be completely removed when you do wipe the board down. When left in place long enough, a film might develop over the ink and the marker colors might stay clear and bold. A spray-on cleanser may have been provided by the manufacturer of your board. Use this and a soft cloth to thoroughly clean the area. You may need to rinse the area with clear water, especially if you’ve had to use multiple applications of the cleanser.

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

If you enjoy the use of dry erase boards in your classroom, then use these maintenance and cleaning techniques to protect the surface of the board. Your efforts to keep the board clean will leave you with a long-lasting and durable surface that is versatile and easy to use.

A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft on which players sit and row to reach the destination. The game is popular among health enthusiasts looking to acquire thrills and good health. Though, the dragon boating was originated in China in 4th century BC but has spread across the globe. Originally, the game was played to celebrate a good harvesting season and please the deity in China. Now, it symbolises as a sport of unity, teamwork, and a perfect game to play in leisure time with numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits of Playing Dragon Boating

Dragon boating is a favourite water sport that teaches beneficial things in life. It has become an important game for breast cancer survivors as it has found to be helpful in quick rehabilitation for patients. Women of different ages are participating in the event to get perfect thrilling moments.
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