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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Men with sperm count over 20 million in 3 ml are considered normal to father a child. Men , who are with less than 20 million sperms in 3 million, need to look at what causes Low Sperm count Oligospermia. Men, who suffer from Oligospermia sexual disorder, are advised intake of herbal remedies like Spermac capsules and Musli Kaunch capsules. They are safe and help to cure low semen in men. Herbal remedies Musli Kaunch capsules and Spermac capsules are made using safe to use herbal ingredients.

Just a single sperm is sufficient for the female egg to give birth to a child. But chances are rare to meet the egg in the ovary. Men should have over 60% of sperms to help women conceive a baby. You are advised to understand what causes Low semen volume Oligospermia and choose appropriate measures to increase chances of becoming a father.

One can visit a clinic and get tested what causes low semen volume Oligospermia. Getting results accurately may not be feasible. It could be due to micro deletion of Y-Chromosome. It could also be due to sexual habits, diet, physical and other health problems.

Men can choose one of the two options to cure low semen volume. You can either go for herbal treatments or look for conventional ways for curing your low semen volume. Conventional treatments consume lot of time and you need to involve your female also. Three treatments available to solve your problem include intracytoplasmic sperm injection, in vitro fertilization and super ovulation. They are expensive and not sure to get the desired results. You should find out the route cause for what causes Low Sperm count Oligospermia. You may be able to improve sperm count through intake of herbal remedies such as Spermac Capsules and health diet.

Men are advised to stop using too hot water to improve chances of high sperm count. You are also advised not to wear tight underwear. You are advised to consume balanced diet that includes carrots. You are advised to reduce exposure to pollutants such as arsenic, lead and cadmium. To improve semen volume, you are advised to reduce intake of alcohol and stop smoking. Genetic factors and obesity are other reasons for low sperm count in men.

You need not seek the advice of a medical practitioner to cure your low semen volume with herbal remedies. Men, who have tried herbal remedies, have improved their semen volume in shortest possible period. Herbal remedies are affordable and effective to cure oligozoospermia.

Men, who are on herbal remedies , are likely to cure other sexual disorders such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lower libido and lower sexual stamina. It is one of the safest ways to cure your sexual disorder and enjoy improved sexual pleasure with your woman.
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