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he Health Ministry said

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:48 am    Post subject: he Health Ministry said Reply with quote

Buying a puppy is an exciting time. A new addition into the family requires careful consideration Moses Malone Jersey , even after deciding to buy a dog. There are tips that will make buying and integrating the puppy into the home an easy and successful process including selecting a breeder that is reputable and caring, scheduling a visit at the vet and treating the cause of tear staining while the dog is still young. When issues like tear staining are corrected and the puppy checks out at the veterinarian, the dog can begin a happy and comfortable life in her new home.

Even Before Buying a Puppy

Buying a puppy from a reputable source is one of the most important aspects of a healthy and happy dog for the future. Purchasing a puppy at a pet store is not recommended as the staff cannot vouch for the breeder of the dog. Puppy mills are all too common and these breeders care solely about producing numbers and making money, not the well being of the animal.

A puppy breeder can be professional or hobbyist but they should all have three things in common:

鈥?Genuine enthusiasm for their business
鈥?A caring and nurturing personality
鈥?A clean home

A veterinarian, friends, family and neighbours can referral a puppy breeder. Ask around the community for advice and testimonials from others who have purchased the breed of dog that you are looking for.

Taking the New Puppy to the Vet

The first thing that should happen after bringing the puppy home is scheduling a trip to the vet. Even if the breeder has taken the dog already for a check up and shots it is still important to familiarize the vet with the new addition to the family. The veterinarian will check the dog for common puppy-related issues. Many reputable breeders will offer a refund or exchange if the puppy is found to be unhealthy by the vet, and this is typically offered in a one or two week time frame. This makes bringing the dog to the vet right away very important.

Treating Common Issues in Puppies

If a puppy has stolen your heart but has a common issue such as tear stains, it does not mean that you have to leave her behind. This issue is typically seen in dogs that have longer fur and it can be permanently removed with an anti-bacterial medication. This formula contains healthy, natural meat and vegetable ingredients and a powerful and potent anti-bacterial herb powder. It will fight the bacteria that causes tear stains and will get rid of problem forever.

If tear stains are an issue with the new puppy, tell the veterinarian, as the vet should know everything about the new dog including any supplements or medications that she will be on.

Finding a Solution for Tear Stains

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JERUSALEM, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- An Israeli food company on Thursday recalled products after discovering traces of salmonella, a week after Unilever Israel recalled a popular cereal brand for the same reason.

Shamir Salads, manufacturer of hummus and tehina salads, common ingredients in Israeli cuisine, announced recalling their tehina products made in the past ten days after a health ministry inspection found traces of the bacteria.

The company said in a statement on Thursday it "apologizes for the error and is working to remove the products from the shelves and all distributions lines."

The company's CEO Ami Guy told the Hebrew-based Ynet news website that the company has received a late notification of the contamination from the manufacturer in charge of the raw material.

"The supplier notified us too late...we've already been producing this tainted product for ten days. We assume some of these products have been eaten," he added.

The company said it destroyed "about 200 tons of raw tehina," and opened a hotline for worried consumers. The Walla! news website reported some of the salads were supplied to military bases.

Tehina is also used as an ingredient in other forms of salads in Israel, and eight different products containing it were recalled.

The Health Ministry said it will continue to investigate the affair and consider charges against the company if needed.

Also on Thursday, the Millotel company manufacturing frozen french fries announced recalling its product after laboratory examinations found traces of the listeria bacteria in it.

Furthermore, the Health Ministry ordered the destruction of four tons of camel's milk after two children in central Israel were hospitalized after drinking it early Thursday.

The Ynet news website reported they were infected with the brucella that spreads from animals to humans or from drinking unpasteurized milk.

Last week, Unilever Israel, owner of the Israeli Telma brand of cereals, announced it had accidentally shipped salmonella-tainted cornflakes boxes to stores across the country.

The Health Ministry said on Sunday it had suspended the manufacturing license to the manufacturing plant, and Israel's Health Minister Yakov Litzman threatened on Friday to revoke the company's production license in Israel.

As the world's third largest food corporations, Unilever claimed last week that no tainted products left the factory, but on Thursday it admitted some 240 contaminated boxes were shipped to stores. Enditem

BEIJING, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- China's foreign trade volume rose 15.9 percent year on year to 22.52 trillion yuan (3.39 trillion U.S. dollars) in the first ten months of this year, official data showed Wednesday.

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