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NG3 @ Eurogamer Expo
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Female Tengu wrote:

For Koreha? I thought he was after the DDB? Ryu and Koreha were childhood friends and that's least this is what the game showed, right? Can we tell if Ryu only cared about her when he was after Doku? And in NG2 it was just alll about Revenge, no story. Ryu is "mindless" in many ways since every NG so far never really showed what kind of a human he is. He fights for justice. That's ok, but not enough for NG3, were the plan is to focus more on story/him. So actually ist doesn't matter if he is a ninja or not, IMO. The point is having a game which can entertain you, in both ways: gameplay and story.

Well Koreha being just his childhood friend is enough I wasn’t saying there was anything more and like I say being the childhood friend she’s all so his cousin and a member of his clan there really doesn’t have to be anything more

And yes the original NG was about getting revenge for her death, im looking at the NGS box right now on the back the very first word it’s in capital letters it says “VENGEANCE” that’s vengeance for Koreha right and his clan, it doesn’t say “RETRIEVAL” as in retrieval of stolen property
And also Koreha’s death is something that is returned to throughout the game it’s used as makers with in the game, the game starts off with her death the middle of the game is involves Ryu going to her grave to get the Eye of the Dragon and the end of the game sees Ryu going back to her grave,

Also her death Koreha plays a big part in NGDS and she as well as her death is referenced to a few time s in NG2/S2
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