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Is this true.....

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Expert Ninja

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:28 pm    Post subject: Is this true..... Reply with quote

Or are they talking crap cuz i found this from the net see what they are talkin bout.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:45 pm    Post subject: Re: Is this true..... Reply with quote

ZeroRenzo wrote:
Or are they talking crap cuz i found this from the net see what they are talkin bout.

Sorry to say, but yes.

At Iberian's there is an entire topic dedicated to mentioning the shortcomigs/glitches/problems of sigma

I could find some of it....

This is a summary listing so far of what glitches the community here have unearthed of Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Grouses of the work are generally players' opinions of what features are lacking or could be improved.

System Glitches

"Game Over" static screen
When Ryu has died, and the "Game Over" screen comes up with the choice to continue. When the player has selected his/her choice, the sound of selection is heard, however the screen remains at the "Game Over" screen which becomes static. If the player manipulates the controller, he can hear noises associated with those manipulating the main menu screen. The screen remains the "Game Over" screen. The player has to reset to restore visuals.

Ref: Dry Fire Ninpo Glitch Video

Rachel Ahead at Warp 2.0, Make It So
Rachel on Military Destruction 5. The game suddenly runs at roughly twice the speed of the usual game. Every foe moves and attacks twice as fast, that goes for Rachel as well.

Could be a PS3 system issue, but this is unseen on other games. More likely a coding issue ( register setting? ).


No Save
Player interacts with the Save Statue, but no save screen appears or the screen hangs at the red background of the save screen. Game has to be reset to be playable.

Ref: A couple of interesting glitches

Unable to Get Out of Save
After saving the game, player is unable to return to game, remaining at the save screen, no matter the inputs. Player has to reset the game. Likely related to above bug.

Black Screen of Death
Before the score appears in Mission Mode or after it appears, the screen turns black and the system hangs there. Player has to reset the game.

Ref: Bah

System Wipeout
Player receives message from system that memory has been corrupted. On continuing, all game system data has been erased. Time counters are all reset to zero. All unlocked items have been relocked. Only save files remain but their time counter has also been reset to zero.

Inherited from NGB.

Ref: NO F*****G WAY! Not Again Sad

Autosaves Failing
For Mission Mode scores, the player receives notification that the autosave has failed. The machine state reverts back to a save state that is quite some time ago, resulting in the player losing many of his recent mission scores.

A plausible solution is to manually save the entire game's data through Story Mode or Eternal Legends, thus backing up a recent copy.

Ref: This is complete BS.
I think i may have found a solution fot losing MM scores.

General Glitches

Groundhog's Day
In chapter 17, Ryu got the Key of the Lion, and is about to unlock the Lion's Gate. Once unlocked, the player presses Interact and the animation shows him opening and walking through the Gate. However once on the other side, before the player can even gain control of Ryu, Ryu drops through the ground and re-emerges before the Lion's Gate. This bug keeps repeating until Ryu has gone back and forth through a portal.

Probably related to the "Out into the Void" bug.

Ref: Sigma Mission Mode line up Sad Sad Sad
Youtube video link

Out into the Void
In some chapters, especially in chapter 16, Ryu can fall out/get knocked out of the modeled playing area into the void. While he is in there, his foes still act accordingly inside the distant modeled playing area, unable to reach him. The player has to reset and reload to be able to play again.

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Ref: Youtube video linkSmoke Begets No Smoke, Explosion Begets No Explosion

Smoke Begets No Smoke, Explosion Begets No Explosion
Ryu drops a smoke bomb. He executes the roll, but no smoke comes up and the enemies are unaffected. A smoke bomb is still considered to have been expended. The same goes for Explosive Arrows sometimes. They have no explosions, performing as a normal arrow.

This bug is more likely to be found in Mission Mode at the moment, encountered in Abysmal Lair 3, Descent of the Fiends 2, and Eternal Legend.

Ref: It's a dud!

Illusionary Fishes
5 Ghost Fishes erupt from a chest and Ryu immediately whips his Vigoorian Flails around. He kills 3 ( leaving 3 yellow essences ), leaving 2 alive which simply faded away without leaving essence.

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Time ref 06:39-06:45 of Satosi's 15a.rmvb )

It's Raining Ninjas, Hallelujah
After starting off chapter 2, the player goes back down the shaft leading up to the Ninja Fortress and moves to the start of the tunnels. He turns back to find ninjas appearing and dying immediately without any action. Proceeding back to the shaft, ninjas are seen dropping down and dying of unknown reasons. These dead ninjas all yield essences as if normally killed and are factored into the player's end of chapter kills.

Ref: Bigalski Glitch Video - It's raining Ninjas

Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Player has played beyond chapter one and suffers Ryu's first and only death so far. Yet the prompt asking to start Ninja Dog mode appears.

Ref: No Leaderboard for Ninja Dog

Combat Glitches

Izuna Drop grabbing air
If Ryu strikes multiple enemies in the air with the □△ of his dual katanas, he might grab nothing and still perform the Izuna Drop. The Drop will still cause impact damage to those below him.

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Ref: Dry Fire Ninpo Glitch Video

God Mode
Ryu becomes invulnerable to enemies' attacks. He can move, charge up UTs and even attack ( his enemies in turn become invulnerable to his normal attacks ) while so. He becomes vulnerable again after executing an UT which will damage his enemies.

Ref: Interesting thing that happened in the stadium.
Another video link ( watch near the end )

Brainless Foes
The AI of the foes in certain situations get swiched off, resulting in them standing still without attacking or defending. This state lasts until they have taken damage from Ryu. So far the Doppelganger fiend wielding the Dabilahro is known to fall into this state.

Inherited from NG/NGB

Ref: Dabilahro clone bug

Once You Start Charging, You Can Never Stop
Player charges up UT reaching second state, and releases △. However Ryu fails to unleash his UT, and is stuck in the charging pose. The fiends circled around Ryu for 2-3 seconds without attacking. When they attacked and damaged Ryu, player regains control of Ryu.

Enemies shooting at the air
Enemies with guns will lock onto nothing, shooting at air, leaving Ryu free to do anything. This lasts until Ryu makes an attack. This could be related to the God Mode bug.

Ref: enemy attacks 'off'

Phantom Ninpo
Ryu or Rachel performs the motion of casting their ninpo ( Inazuma for Ryu, Blades of Ouroborus for Rachel ), however no electrical effect is seen. This continues even while they jump into the air, trying to fire off their charged energy. No energy discharge, and no damage is inflicted on the enemies. The enemies however move around as if they are casting a proper ninpo. Luckily no ki is lost from this bug.

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Ref: Dry Fire Ninpo Glitch Video

Counter Attacks Guard Crushes Nightmares
When you counter attack Nightmare Fiend ( aka Vigoorian Berserkers here ), he takes damage even when it is showing him blocking with the blocking sound.

Ref: Berserker fun

You Can't Touch This
Rachel is able to stand in a single spot where the Berserker keeps attacking, and we can see his attacks touching / going through her, but yet has no effect on her.

Ref: ... and You Thought Safe Spots were Bad?! ( Refer to 01:50 - 02:25 of video linked ).

The Invincible Ghost Fish
Ryu attacks a ghost fish which has just spawned from a chest. However his attacks only pushes it back. The Ghost Fish remains passive throughout his 10 seconds of attack. Only when Ryu moves away does the ghost fish rush to attack and becomes vulnerable.

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Time ref 19:23-19:33 of Satosi's 18a.rmvb )

Where's the Dough?!
The player continuously attacks, occasionally dishing out Ultimate Techniques by absorbing the essences. However in one of the Ultimate Techniques, it seems one of the essence was left out even though it aided in making the UT a 5000 point one ( i.e. full level 2 ). Refer to the video in the link below.

At 01:51, when the player has brought up the menu, he has 486 essence. However, at that point of time, he has absorbed the essences of 2 normally killed brown ninjas, 2 ET killed demonic ninjas, 1 ET killed white ninja, 1 UT killed black ninja, 1 normally killed purple ninja, 1 ET killed red ninja, and 1 UT killed purple ninja, which should have added up to 500 essence. Where is the missing 14 essence? It would correspond to the absorbed essence of the purple ninja normally killed at 01:31. This essence along with the essence of the previously ET killed red ninja were the only two essences on the battlefield when the player absorbed essences for an UT at 01:35. Hence it should have been factored into the player's essence score but it never was.

Ref: *MY Gamov & Murai scores SHENANIGANS !

Scoring Glitches

Timed or Non-Timed, Can the System Make Up Its Mind?
A Story Mode's timed encounter can become a non-timed encounter for one player while for another player it remains timed. Resetting or installing the game on the hard drive sometimes solves the problem for the first player but it comes back again and again.

Ref: Question about a CH2 encounter

Encounter Scores Fail to Register
When Ryu finished killing all the enemies of an encounter, the karma window still remains up. The window stays up even when Ryu has moved to an area very far from the encounter. No score is tabulated. When Ryu enters another encounter, the new encounter's data fills up the karma window. Ryu never receives any calculated score from the previous encounter.

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Refer to 9b.rmvb 09:20 - 10:46, he presses the Red Eye before the score is tabulated and the score is never added forever. )

Hey Wait! What Do You Mean It's Over!!
Ryu is fighting the soldiers coming out of the APC in Drawbridge Square. He is well on his way to getting the time limit. 5 enemies down, with 27 secs to go, he absorbs essence to UT the next rocket soldier who comes down the ramp just as the fight concludes, tallying the score?! 2 more rocket soldiers come down after the ramp following that, but the final 3 rocket soldiers are never factored in since the fight calculation ended prematurely. This also can happen in other fights.

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Refer to 10a.rmvb 09:30 - 10:20. 12.rmvb 21:51 - 21:54 last pillbug was alive when scores tabulated )

Combos Reset
While racking up combo scores, if Ryu goes into the menu while on the ground immediatedly after whacking a combo, and changes weapons, his combo is reseted to zero. The combo score was not added to the main score before it was reseted. However if Ryu goes into the menu and changes menu in mid-air, the combo counter remains unaffected.

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Overwriting Combos
Ryu is performing combo attacks on his foes. He got up to 20 hits, and there is a slight pause. Just before the system registers the 200 score, Ryu attacks another enemy, scoring 3 hits. As the score is about to be registered, Ryu gets hit and his score only increased by 30 instead of the expected 230.

Ref: MN Wooden Sword >> Gamov ( download the video and watch 00:03:36, 40 combo with score at 830 then but is added up to be 850 karma due to the 2-hit combo being executed at that time )

GotU5 Fails to Register
Player has completed GotU5. His individual profile accessed from Mission Mode Rankings however shows his GotU5 score as 0. His GotU5 score is only registered when he unlocks Unearthed Challenges.

Ref: Mission Mode GotU5 Leaderboard glitch *sigh
GotU5 online scoring glitch fixed

Here's 5000 points for Your Incendiary Shuriken
In some situations when fighting a Doppelganger Fiend, a thrown Incendiary Shuriken will register as an UT score of 5000 points. Wind path off his head, strike him with an incendiary shuriken and start charging up on landing. When the incendiary shuriken explodes, the UT bonus message appears, awarding you with 5000 points, even though you never hit him with one. It seems the system thinks the incendiary shuriken's explosion is the UT attack you are charging up.

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Ref: WTF: Incendiary shurikens now counts as a UT on evil ryu.

No Score for You!!
The player sometimes never get the kill bonus from defeating a boss. Known cases so far involve the Vigoor Emperor's First Form, Awakened Alma, and the Helicopter.

Probably mutated from NG/NGB's similar glitch.

Ref: Time and kill bonus on 1st Final Form
No bonus for Alma 2nd Form?

Controls Glitches

Controller Lose Sync
The system will suddenly fail to recognise the controller. No further inputs are recognised until a reset is performed.

Ref: WTF Crappy game doesnt even acknowledge the controller now

D-pad and Analog Swap
On starting up NGS, the directional pad's functions and the analog stick's functions are swapped, requiring the player to reconfigure his settings.

Ref: this game is officially wacked!!!

Graphical/Object Glitches

Art of the Doppelganger Izuna Drop
Sometimes if Ryu executes an Izuna Drop with him under a low ceiling while his victim is in a high ceiling area, his character model splits itself into two. Both will be executing the Drop but with one holding the victim, while the other is above his original spot holding no one. After executing the drop, Ryu appears at his original spot.

Ref: Link to LG1717.NGS.Chapter10.Karma.MN.avi ( watch the ending of the video )

Rachel's Underwater Walk
Rachel is able to enter the water and walk on the bottom as well as fight there.

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Ref: Link to Screenshot

Rachel the Skinhead
Rachel occasionally loses her hairstyle, leaving a rounded head.

Ref: Link to Image 1
Link to Image 2
Link to Image 3
Link to Image 4

Early Fiend Ryu Appearance
Ryu is supposed to only start turning into a Fiend after killing Spirit Doku in the second last chapter. However sometimes while starting up chapter 10 or 11, Ryu appears in blue skin colour.

Hanging in the Air Blood
The blood splatters sometimes hang in mid-air. They also are left as splatters against some invisible barrier hugging vertical walls.

Ref: Interesting bug...

Rocket Launchers in Mid-Air
After killing MSATs with rocket launchers, the weapons are left hanging in mid-air. They only disappear on a reload/reset of the game.

Ref: Interesting bug...

Looking Through Ryu's Body
The camera gets put too close to Ryu's body or perhaps even halfway into his body. As a result, you get to see the outer creases of his costume, but no body or other parts of his costume.

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Time ref 19:33-19:35 of Satosi's 18a.rmvb )

Overcome Yourself! Lift that Motorbike!
On knocking the rider of his motorbike, the bike charges off wildly, only to blunder into Ryu's Nunchaku UT which lifts it off the ground and keeps it up there.

Quite minor, but it is still bad coding on the object modelling.

Ref: NGS SM MN Video Excerpts by It's Hard to Find a Name ( Download the 3rd video pre-commented "Just watch the end" )


Shake, Shake, Shake for Ninpo Juice
With all the hype over SIXAXIS, and how it is going to revolutionise the gamer's experience, its inclusion in NGS is simply to shake it up and down to increase the power of a ninpo?! At the very least, one would have expected that shaking motion to be applied more towards allowing the player to get out from grabs or the bites of the ghost fishes and such. The use of it now to simply boost the ninpo is just plain silly as it is.

I Shall Kill You By Exiting Through This Door!
The horizontal attack button ( which is a very commonly used button for combat ) is also used as the Interact button. Unfortunately, this has the effect of messing up the player's intentions in combats around interactable objects. Frustrations mount over exiting doors, picking up objects instead of attacking, etc.

On the surface, this could have been solved by putting the Interact command with the much unused Map button ( though on deeper thinking, it might be related to the targeting system ).

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Brown Ninja: Umm, Mr Ryu, I'm Over Here... That's the Tiki-torch You Have Just Attacked.
It is often frustrating to have Ryu attacking inanimate objects over their opponents. It is understandable though in that the design of the game places essence, which allows UTs, in those destructable objects. Perhaps enabling a target lock-on option could be tenable...

Inherited from NG/NGB.

Can't You Just Let Me Hit Him!!!
Ryu has charged up and is ready to unleash his UT on the next soldier coming down the ramp. Here the soldier comes directly in front of Ryu, and Ryu launches his UT right to the side of the soldier??!!

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Refer to 10a.rmvb 09:52 - 10:20 )

Come On, He's Already Dead!
Ryu kills off all his enemies, the kills being registered in the karma window. However the timer of the fight keeps running, and the fight is still considered going on, until the fallen foes have finished with their death animations. This is most frustrating. It could have been all avoided by having fights being considered over when kills on the register equals the number of foes within the fight.

Inherited from NG/NGB

Chill, Dudes, Chill.
The player has managed to get MVATs stuck in a corner, and charges up undisturbed to kill them with UTs. While this seems just a simple case of bad pathing, the question of why the MVATs fail to shoot at Ryu ( where a stuck tank would ) arises. It is likely the AI of the MVATs was stuck in movement mode where they can only ram Ryu. They never reached a pre-determined destination, hence never reaching a 'halted' status which would allow them to shoot. This is another exhibition of bad design in the program.

Ref: NGS SM MN Video Excerpts by LG1717 ( Watch the "Getting the Super MVATs stuck and dumb" video )

The Chicken has Flown the Coop
Start Captivating Goddess 2. The default weapon is the Dragon's Claw & Tiger's Fang. With Alma close to the metal gate, execute □△□□□□ ( the last □ will be a Flying Swallow type move ). There is a good chance that last move will launch Ryu over the gate to the other side. Alma and her minions will be trapped behind the gate, unable to hurt Ryu ( except for Alma's magic missiles ), and likewise Ryu will be unable to get back into the proper arena nor hurt any of them. However if Alma is very close to the gate, Ryu can hit her at times.

Ref: Updates from the Orient ( LG1717's chp10 vid & others )

Inbalanced Boss Kill Bonuses
Most if not all bosses have 100k kill bonuses in NG/NGB Story Mode. The only exception was in Mission Mode ( and the Doppelganger Fiends in Story Mode ). In NGS, this seems pretty much the rule ( with Alternator joining the 1k bosses like the Doppelganger Fiends ), until we come to the Fire Worm. The Fire Worm is pretty much one of the easiest bosses to kill, with a low frequency of attack and only one life bar which is extremely vulnerable to Dabilahro UTs ( taking even more damage than a Thunderbolt Worm does ), yet it is worth 400k.

Ridiculous Encounter Time Limits
In NG/NGB, all time limits are possible. Just some of them were so tight, you require the right timing and a bit of luck ( for positioning ) to meet them exactly ( the Fore Cabin encounter on chapter 3 comes to mind readily, and again the encounter just at the top of the stairs in the Gas Compartments, and the Drawbridge Square encounters in chapter 5 ). However, to reiterate, they are all possible and many have met the time limits.

Now with these time limits in NGS, are they really possible for certain encounters? Especially the Archive Fiend Challenge on Master Ninja, where you are expected to kill 60 Greater Basts and 60 Red Ninjas in 370 seconds. The Basts only appear at a maximum of 2 at a time, while at any time, only 1 Red Ninja comes on screen. This means you only have 6 seconds to kill each Red Ninja while also taking care of the Basts.

Ref: Some things I found out so far on Hard

The Unbearable Placement of Non-Timed Encounters
It used to be for NG/NGB that most of the chapters were designed with all timed encounters fitting the number of kills for the end of chapter bonus ( a few chapters require a small number of non-timed kills to make up the numbers, except for NGB Normal chapter 13 where you need 36 ). Thus, if one searches and found all the timed encounters, the player is practically guaranteed of getting the end of chapter kill bonus. The greater the number of unique timed encounters per chapter is also more likely to increase the enjoyment of the player, as he finds more encounters and of some variety to kill for score.

However in NGS, players are discovering that quite a few encounters which would have been timed are now non-timed ones. The revision of the end of chapter kill bonuses also seems to have failed to have taken this into account. This means that players have no reliable gauge on if they have hit the goal or are even close to it to get that bonus. The end result being that players who have found all the timed encounters also have to keep killing non-timed respawns to get the end of chapter kill bonus. The design of the occurence of timed encounters and the end of chapter kill bonuses in NGS is truly suspect in this case.

Ref:Some things I found out so far on Hard
Hard mode complete: Found some new things.

Frequent Loadings in Game
It is ridiculous that a port of a 4 year game would result in a greater inefficient execution. There are many reports of NGS frequently loading game content. It is more infuriating seeing this after hearing your game director, Hayashi, bragging about how the PS3 is so powerful that he and his team have yet to fully utilise its data transfer bandwidth. A lot of the players have to sit through 2-3 second loading pauses while Ryu picks up a potion or item from the ground or chest. Quite a few players are bearing the loading screen while new areas are entered ( which were never loading on NG/NGB ). Some are even experiencing loading in combat situations which frankly speaking is just plain unacceptable.

Someone put it that perhaps it is all due to upscaling of graphics on the TV, the heat of the PS3 unit due to the cramped manner it is stored in, the lousier quality of the cables used to attach the components, the intereference generated by wireless devices in the house, etc, etc. Frankly that is no excuse. Team Ninja should have tested their game products with a range of possible household appliance brands and models. Very few of us is going to be equipped with a USD 30,000 Sony HD LCD TV, with Monster cables, super 20ft wide mounting space for our gaming environment, and such.

Ref: Chap 5 MNM vid by satosi ( Any of his video will do but all of them shows it )

Flying Swallow... Got- *pause* -cha!
How can a machine of PS3's caliber stutter?! With all the talk of how Hayashi's team have stretched themselves and still have yet to push the machine to its limits, we are still getting lags and pauses here and there. Most prominent is the pause effect on the Flying Swallow technique hitting multiple foes. This is seen in other games too ( Genji2 : the big guy's attacks always seem to pause a bit on contact with the foes ), so it is more likely a software issue.

That Water is Ugly!
Seriously, Team Ninja, is that the best you can do with the PS3?! The tiling is obvious, the crest of the waves are too sharp. Object interactions with the water is practically almost non-existent ( just only small circle of ripples ). Better water effects on the PS3 can definitely be done. Genji 2 certainly had it. Even the old XBox NG/NGB had better water than this.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
The Stadium is an old deserted place, dusty and faded, and so is the Hidden Underground which has laid buried in sand and dust for untold time. These two areas were well modelled in NG/NGB and was almost perfect even with the limited graphical resources on the XBox. However the current rendition on the PS3 brings us a brightly lit, very sharp and contrasted lines in these places as if a team of janitors were cleaning and buffing up the place every day. Even worse, whereas the floor tiles of the stadium in NG/NGB, looks like dusty faded tiles befitting the place, the tiles in NGS looks like clean white plates laid in chocolate. Is it too much for the PS3 to handle the higher resolution textures based off the old game? Considering the overall sharpness of the graphics, playing around with a light alpha masking and transparency could fade the too sharp textures of these places, or is it too much to ask of the PS3?

I'm Pretty Sure This Game wasn't Bought from a Porn Shop
Just as with the above graphical grouse, another graphical feature here was overdone. It is needless to turn up the lighting effects on the objects. The effects have made Ryu into looking like a vinyl action figure in an SM suit, while the Hydracubus has effectively turned into something bought from a sex shop, a thought which is reinforced with how its spit has been re-rendered.

It has a few problems....
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Expert Ninja
Expert Ninja

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I gotta say thats a big list i've never had any glitch in ngb with those glitches i really think its better not to use money on it for few new weps and chapters and i hate rachel anyways stupid blonde goth with a warhammer xD
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